Are you getting a headache from your desk?

August 14, 2020 6:07 pm


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Ever left work with a bit of a headache? It could be that your desk posture is not quite right. Headaches can come from a variety of issues with posture and positioning. We sit at desks in the office a considerable amount of the day and they can have a huge effect on us. The first thing to check is that you have the right can of chair to sit at when working. One of the available styles is the Draughtsman Chairs. If you’re Looking for a draughtsman chair you should make sure that you carry out a work space assessment for each of your employees so that you can ensure that they are sitting correctly at their desks and that their computer monitor and keyboards are positioned correctly.

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Having your desk space set up correctly can help to alleviate any symptoms that can occur as  a result of straining to see your screen or sitting with your head turn at an angle. IF you find that you suffer regularly from headaches after sitting at your desk for long periods of time then the first thing that you should do (after checking with youtube GP and optician that your eyes are ok) is to check how you are sitting at your desk. If after adjusting this you find that you are still struggling with head pain then you should look at the light levels in the room and check that you do not have any glare coming off your screen. You can buy screen guards that can prevent this from happening and that can reduce the amount of light that comes off your computer monitor.