How to Detect a Stroke

March 23, 2022 3:01 pm


Acting fast when you suspect a stroke is essential. Strokes occur when the blood supply to the brain is obstructed. Without blood flow, brain cells can suffer serious damage. If you suspect a stroke, head to the nearest accident and emergency department or call 999 right away. Within three hours, you may need to receive a clot-busting drug. You should check the person’s face, arms, and speech. Be sure to record the time the symptoms began. It is recommended that you get medical attention right away if you suspect a stroke.

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Other symptoms of stroke include facial drooping, weakness of the arm or one side, and trouble speaking. Those signs are indicative of a stroke. Also, you should ask the person to smile, as a crooked tongue could signal a stroke. Stroke symptoms will worsen as the patient gets older, so it’s vital to know how to detect a stroke as soon as possible and to seek action right away. For more details on how to react, consider Emergency First Aid Training Courses from a site like Tidal Training

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After a patient arrives at the hospital, the doctor will check for other symptoms, including low blood sugar, seizures, or additional heart problems. Blood pressure and heart rate are also monitored, and the doctor may perform imaging tests to pinpoint the cause of the stroke. The doctor will perform tests to rule out other causes of the symptoms, as 90% of strokes are ischemic. Other types of stroke are hemorrhagic, where bleeding has caused damage.