Some interesting facts about Aran Sweaters

October 26, 2020 2:46 pm


One of the most prominent and stylish items that Ireland has given the world is that of the Aran sweater. This popular light to thick jumper is one of the cornerstones of a winter collection and deserves a place in everyone’s wardrobe. If you haven’t got one, or two, take a look at these Mens Aran Sweaters and Womens available from Shamrock Gift for some great examples. What interesting facts are there about this famous top?

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  1. Steve McQueen loved them. Whenever he went out on his boat he would insist on wearing it. This made the Aran Sweater a must have item as he was a super cool icon.
  2. The designs are reminiscent of the Celtic knot weave. Although the Aran sweater is not that old this myth has persisted.
  3. They were initially knit by the women of the islands for their fishmen husbands. It was a very hard life at the turn of the nineteenth to twentieth century and these hardy men needed something to keep them warm and dry out on the boats. Their equally hardy and resourceful wives and betrothed provided that for them.

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  1. The jumpers not only keep you warm they are also water resistant. The wool that is used has natural water repellent properties.
  2. The Sweater is not that old. It’s creation dates back to the end of the late Nineteenth century when it was first produced by the ladies of the isle. They were shown the designs based on the Guernsey Sweater which is similar and predates it.