Why Live in Care is Preferable to a Residential Care Home

May 29, 2020 1:37 pm


When it comes to care options for older people, the choice is between Live in Care or a Care Home. Many people when they get older ned extra help with their daily life, but the don’t want to lose their independence. Live in care is great because it lets a person retain their independent lifestyle whilst being able to receive the care and support that they need.

Care homes are another way that an older person can receive care, but they do require the person to move out of their own home into unfamiliar surroundings. They are also community living based, which many older people may take some time to adjust to, particularly if they have been at home alone for a long time or have a set routine.

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If it is possible, staying at home and receiving live in care is usually the best choice if it is possible, as it is well known that upheaval and unfamiliarity can cause a great deal of mental distress to elderly people. They may also have pets, which are a real comfort to older people, and they would not be ale to bring them to a residential care home. If you are looking for live in care services, Google live in care near me https://www.liveincare.com/live-in-care-near-me/  to find out what is in your local area.

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They would also get one to one care when using a live-in carer, as opposed to a care home where care is shared between a large number of residents.

Of course, in some cases, a residential care home may be the only option, but where possible, living in a home of their own is the preferable choice.