How to look after your boiler

January 5, 2022 7:14 am


The boilers in our homes work incredibly hard to keep us nice and warm in our homes and to provide us with nice warm water for our baths and showers, In order for them to remain in full functioning order and work as efficiently as they possibly can, it is important that you look after maintaining your whole heating system.

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In order to help prevent any air from causing issues in your health, such as radiators that not heating properly, you can bleed your radiators. This requires using a radiator key or a screwdriver to gently release the air from the system. It is important that this is only done once the radiators are cold to help avoid you scalding yourself on hot water.

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A good way to ensure that your whole heating system is working well is to have it checked once a year by a reputable, registered heating company that can also provide you with Boiler Repair Cheltenham service such as those professionals from HPR. During this service, they will check out all major parts of your boiler and will look for areas of damage, corrosion and rust and replace any that need to be changed. They will also check the emissions from the flue to check that these are within acceptable levels. Carbon Monoxide is one such gas and you can also check for this by using a carbon monoxide detector.