Taking Care of the Garden when Temperatures Rise

July 22, 2022 11:31 am


When the summer heat arrives, we can enjoy spending more time out in the garden. However, high temperatures can be problematic for the garden, and you will still want to ensure that your garden is healthy throughout the higher temperature spells in the summer.

Because the weather in the UK can be unpredictable, it is always good to be prepared for periods of high temperatures. If you are wondering how best to look after your garden in the heat, here are three things you can do…

The times that you choose to water your garden will also make a big difference when temperatures are high. When it is hot, the plants will want to drink more, so watering them in the cooler parts of the day will not only mean that more water gets into the soil and doesn’t evaporate, but also that it stays there! Pay particular attention to pots and hanging baskets, as these tend to dry out a lot more quickly than those in the ground. Early in the morning and late at night when the sun has gone down are the best times to water the plants in high temperatures.

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Wildlife is important and making sure that your garden is providing for the local wildlife can be done in many ways. When you are planning your garden, provide areas that are a haven for wildlife. Buy wildflowers from places like this wholesale plants store and leave the area to grow. As well as this, trees and shrubs, as well as things like stinging nettles provide many creatures, including many types of butterflies with a home and food, and can provide shade on those very hot days in the summer. It is also good to put out small shallow bowls of water in the summer for wildlife looking for a drink.

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If you have lots of plant pots and containers, move them to an area of shade before the heat increases. Because they are more prone to drying out, these types of plants can be quickly killed off by soaring summer temperatures and will benefit from being in a shaded area. You can also make a watering system for pots yourself – there are lots of online tutorials that help you with this and you can ensure that your precious pots have all they need through the hot weather.