What is Plywood?

May 25, 2021 3:47 am


Plywood, also known as wood veneer, is basically a material made out of thin sheets of thin wood veneer glued together on a substrate with adjoining thin sheets of wood, called “plies”, with each having their respective wood grain rotated in different directions up to ninety degrees. This is an engineered wood product from the plywood family of products that include high-density fibreboard or MDF, and lower-density fiberboard, or plywood. Plywood is primarily used to make shelves, cabinets, frames for cabinets, doors, and other wood furniture. For help from Southampton Timber Merchants, go to Timbco

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There are two types of plywood, hardwood and softwood. Softwood plywood is much more expensive than hardwood plywood due to its greater ability to be customized, usually with dyed finishes. While hardwood plywood has very similar characteristics to hardwood, such as being fairly straight and light in weight, it is often engineered to have grains that are somewhat irregular, making it slightly more irregular in shape. Because of this, plywood can be made to mimic wood grain patterns much more accurately than other materials, allowing manufacturers to produce very accurate-looking engineered wood products. Many people consider softwood plywood to be more durable than hardwood and is therefore used in a lot more applications.

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Most plywood has a veneer surface, which is essentially a thin layer of polymer applied over the top of the wood veneers. Plywood veneers are often used to protect the surfaces of cabinet and furniture legs from scratches and wear, as well as providing a smooth and glossy finish.