Is a Will Legally Binding?

May 27, 2021 5:02 pm


The short answer is yes, if it is done properly. Once signed, a will becomes a binding instrument. To make your will legally binding, you must personally sign it with two witnesses.

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Your two witnesses need not necessarily be your relatives. They can be anyone that you feel comfortable with and they can include other family members such as godparents or other mentors. The only stipulation is that they cannot be a beneficiary of the will.

If you die without having a will, your estate plan will pass into the hands of your appointed financial advisor or the state who will appoint an administrator to handle your affairs. If you don’t want your assets to go to the government, then it’s important to make your wishes clearly known in a legally binding will document. For advice about a Will Writing Service Cheltenham, go to Bees and Co

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If you do have a will, there may be certain situations where you may wish to have some of your personal belongings moved or transferred to a trusted friend or relative. In this situation, it is wise to consult a qualified solicitor who can advise you as to whether or not you are making a wise decision in signing your will. In all cases, people who really care about loved ones left behind use a will to carry out their wishes instead of leaving their wishes to chance or someone else’s hands.