What Skills Are Needed to Be a Taxi Driver?

April 26, 2021 6:54 pm


When you’re thinking about becoming a taxi driver, aside from being able to legally drive are there any other qualities or skills you should have? This might seem simple enough, but taxi driving is not like driving a regular car – you have to follow rules and regulations, and you must also know how to handle situations that may arise. If you don’t know these things when you start out on your training, you may end up putting yourself in danger. So what skills are needed to be a good taxi driver?

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First of all, it helps to know the basics of vehicle safety. This also includes how to safely load and unload a passenger van as well as ensuring passengers are wearing seatbelts. Basic car maintenance skills are also recommended so you can keep the vehicle in good condition, ensuring it is safe, roadworthy and unlikely to break down. When using lots of fuel, taxi drivers can benefit from Fuel Cards. Find out more at Fuel Card Services

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Next, you’ll need to be able to read and write and have reasonable people skills. This is vital, because most cabs require you to be able to communicate with the customers, and not just verbally. As a cab driver, it is up to you to keep them happy, and if you cannot speak the language fluently, it would be a big mistake to start out working for a company without knowing how to communicate properly in English.