The Benefits of Home Testing For STIs

July 14, 2022 9:55 am


Using at-home STI testing has several benefits. It is cheaper and more convenient than the tests used in clinics. The good news is that there are now lab-certified at-home STI tests for a range of infections.

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A recent study found that women who were provided with STI home testing kits were more likely to complete the screening process than women who had to visit a clinic. More than 70% of women who were given home kits said they felt comfortable performing the test themselves. Further, the majority of home test users said they would prefer using at-home STI testing over clinic-based testing in the future. The cost savings are not only limited to clinics; at-home testing can be particularly effective for young people and those with low incomes. Find out more about Home STI kits London by going to

Another advantage of at-home STI testing is privacy. Since STI testing traditionally requires a doctor’s visit, patients can have privacy without having to expose themselves to the stigma of sexually transmitted diseases. Even though the number of reported cases of STIs is projected to rise, home tests are still a valuable option for preventing a potential STI. This is largely because of the fact that privacy is important, especially for sexually active people.

When choosing between at-home tests, make sure that the test is comprehensive enough to cover all types of infections. Some at-home tests offer comprehensive coverage of at-home STDs, but you may need to pay a higher price if you need complete coverage. Depending on your budget, you may wish to purchase more comprehensive multi-tests.

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Among all the different STI tests, the chlamydia test is the most popular. It is considered to be highly sensitive and reliable, with these tests being the most widely used globally. But the disadvantages of this test include the long waiting period required for results and the possibility of missed follow-ups. Ultimately, a home test will still need to be followed up with a treatment plan from a doctor upon receiving a positive result.

The at-home STI test can be highly accurate. Many of them are just as accurate as lab-based tests. The results of most at-home tests are accurate 92% or better. Many of these tests are highly regulated, which means that they are safe and accurate. The home STI test kits also ship discreetly in discreet packaging, making them very convenient for anyone to use. They include everything a person needs to collect and send their samples to the lab.