Some of the Best Materials for Outdoor Use

July 14, 2022 6:44 am


When selecting outdoor furniture and components, durability is important, not just aesthetics. Luckily, there are a number of materials you can use, which strike the perfect balance between durability, sustainability and good design. Here are some of the most durable materials you can use:

Plastic: When choosing materials for outdoor use, plastic is a superior choice. Plastic can withstand rain and snow, while wood rots easily. Its ability to withstand sunlight, saltwater, and UV rays makes it a great choice for outdoor applications. Plus, some types of plastic are UV resistant, which means they won’t fade or get distorted by the sunlight. Whether it’s plastic for outdoor furniture or a vinyl patio cover, a durable plastic material is the right choice. For a range of Electric Meter box products, visit

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Teak: Teak is the most popular wood used in outdoor furniture. It’s highly durable, resistant to insects, and is also eco-friendly. Teak has golden undertones and is ideal for outdoor furniture. This material can be stained and will hold up for years, though it will lose its golden colour as it weathers. For a dark brown finish, consider sanding it a few times before applying a finish.

Wood: If you’re looking for long-lasting, durable furniture, wood is the way to go. Wood won’t absorb heat like other materials, so you’ll want to select a material that resists varying weather conditions. Wood is also easy to adapt to any design style. It’s also resistant to decay and mould when treated, so it is a good choice for seaside locations.

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Fabric: For upholstery, outdoor fabric upholstery is usually made of polypropylene, a material developed for marine use. This fabric can withstand a high degree of UV exposure and dries quickly when wet. It is also easy to clean and has no dye sites. Even when it gets a stain, the material can be easily spot-treated using a mild solution of water and bleach. This makes outdoor upholstery the most durable option for a patio.

Synthetic wicker: Synthetic resin offers some benefits. Synthetic wicker is lightweight and durable, and has a woven appearance. Unlike natural rattan, it doesn’t rot or deteriorate in sunlight. Synthetic wicker is also easy to maintain. You can also find lightweight and easily-cleaned synthetic resin furniture.

Steel: If you’re looking for outdoor furniture and components that are sturdy and resistant to rust and high winds, steel might be the best choice. This is the most durable material available, but it’s also the most expensive. Steel also rusts easily, so it’s best to choose stainless steel or galvanized steel if you’re planning on outside use for an extended period of time.