How a TV Aerial Can Become Damaged

February 23, 2021 5:24 am


If you have a TV aerial or any type of set top box like a satellite dish, you need to know how it can be damaged and how to prevent it from happening. One of the most common causes of a TV aerial becoming damaged is from static electricity. This is when the aerial becomes plugged into a device that is having the static charge buildup in it. The static charge will gradually build up until something either breaks or touches the TV aerial. This is often a problem if the person who hooked it up is not using cable and has no protection on the device that it is plugged into.


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Another common cause of a television aerial system becoming damaged is if there is damage to the signal from the main broadcast center. Sometimes the signals from the main broadcast center can get interrupted by weather conditions or other situations. A lot of times when this happens a TV aerial will be damaged and it will have trouble receiving the signal from the main broadcast center. It is important for you to know that the local communications company does not usually cover a TV aerial system, so you will have to rely on a TV Aerials Cardiff company such as One Vision Tv Aerials to come and fix any problems for you.

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One other way how a TV aerial can become damaged is through physical damage. The hardware inside a TV aerial system can become damaged over time from vibration and impact. Any time that you have a television mounted on your wall it can potentially get damaged and lose reception. Make sure to check the cable connections on your TV aerial system regularly and make sure that they are not being tampered with. This is a common problem for a new installation as wires can become very hot and when they are tampered with they can become permanently damaged.