How Does a 3-Way Ball Valve Work?

March 27, 2021 4:34 am


The ball valve is one of the most widely used industrial and agricultural products. It is found in a wide variety of sectors such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and others. It is designed to lower the pressure of the liquid that it works with. This is done by opening and closing a series of tubes called the ball valves. This mechanism is usually automated and has been in use since the inception of the machine itself. For more information on Industrial Valves, visit Orseal

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A 3-way ball valve works by the flow control feature that allows the flow of a liquid through the ball valve and then to another end without stopping. A small hole on the other end called the bleed hole is made so that a small line or leak can be detected. This can be detected because it causes a sharp drop in pressure. Most often, this type of valve is used to lower the production of certain chemicals, such as those involved in the manufacture of medicines.

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They work this way thanks to the way they are crafted. They are typically made out of steel, which makes them durable and strong. They can be constructed in different sizes depending on the size of the machinery or equipment that they will be utilized for. There are also various styles available depending on the effect that one would want to create. The ball valves can either be used to regulate the production or the lowering of pressure or even on the closing or the opening of lines.