What Damage Does Oil Do to the Environment?

March 25, 2021 4:10 pm


Oil is by far the most widely used solvent in our country, but one of its biggest disadvantages is that it can literally destroy the ecosystem around the source. Oil is a petroleum based product, meaning that it’s made from crude oil, and as such has a fairly harmful effect on the environment. Oil causes smog, acid rain, and is a contributor to global warming. It is estimated that if all United States oil were burned, the Earth would suffer about 1.5 billion years of climate change damage.

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What damage does oil do to the environment if we are not careful? Oil is highly flammable, easily ignited, and leaks can result in huge disasters. Not only does the oil leach into the ground and run off into nearby water, but also it can enter the air and float through the atmosphere causing severe atmospheric pollution, which contributes to acid rain, and clouds that trap heat and cold making the planet warmer. For advice from a Contaminated Land Remediation expert, visit a site like Soilfix

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How can we limit the damage oil can have on our environment? Oil spills occur because the containment tanks containing the spilled oil are inadequately maintained, leaking air and water into the surrounding environment, and the cleanup effort is simply not cost effective. For these reasons, it is absolutely crucial that if you or someone needs to use oil products, that you research and use safely and responsibly.