Plants that Protect your Garden from Burglars

September 8, 2021 4:26 pm


Now that we are all going out and about again – to work, school and on holiday, unfortunately this also means that burglars have a lot more opportunities. There are lots of ways to protect your home from burglars – locking doors and installing security systems like those that this CCTV Manchester company provide but it is also very important to protect the garden, as many burglars will attempt to enter the house through the back rather than the front as there is less chance of being spotted.

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One of the best ways to stop this is to plant spiky plants around the perimeter of your garden, to make it very difficult (and painful!) for an intruder to climb in! Here are some of the best plants to add to your garden…

Blackthorn – As well as being a great deterrent to burglars, this is also a beautiful plant. Its white flowers will be displayed in early spring adding some colour to the garden and of course the dark berries can be harvested to make sloe gin!

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Holly – One of Britain’s most loved native plants, holly has long been associated with protection, and it was believed to be fortunate to have a holly tree near your house. As well as being protected by its spikes it is a beautiful plant to add some festive joy to the garden in winter.

Creeping Juniper – This is fast growing and easy to care for. It is happy with most soil types so if you are not much of a gardener don’t worry this will be happy and is low maintenance! It tends to grow out rather than up so is great for covering a larger area.