Why Boiler Repair Isn’t Covered By Home Insurance

July 28, 2022 6:41 am


You may be wondering if your home insurance will cover the repair costs for a broken boiler. The answer is that it most likely won’t. Homeowners insurance policies have a liability limit but if your boiler breaks down, you’ll probably be responsible for the cost. If you don’t want to pay out of pocket for the repair costs, consider purchasing a boiler care policy.

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Although your home insurance policy may include repair expenses for appliances, you should check the policy’s terms and conditions to make sure it covers boiler repairs. Most policies will have a limit on the amount you can claim every year, and they may also have a waiting period. Also, if your boiler breaks down within 30 days of taking out a policy, you won’t be covered unless it’s more than thirty years old. You should also know that some home insurance policies may not cover boiler repair at all, but you should clarify this with your provider.

If your boiler breaks down while you’re at work, you may not have enough time to get it fixed. If you’re relying on your boiler for heat or hot water, you’ll need to prepare for the unexpected. Fortunately, boiler care insurance will protect you in case of a covered loss if you make a claim. Just remember that boilers are expensive, so make sure to regularly maintain them. When you require Boiler Repair Cheltenham, visit www.hprservicesltd.com/cheltenham-boilers/boiler-repair-cheltenham/

Most property owners choose to buy a home warranty plan to protect their home from unexpected repairs and maintenance. However, home warranties usually have deductibles and require a co-payment for the boiler repair. Home warranty plans will also limit the number of emergency calls you receive each year. Your boiler will likely be included in this type of plan if it has a sudden cause, but if you wait longer, you could find yourself without cover at all.

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If your boiler breaks down during the cold winter months, it is essential to take action right away. This is why it’s vital to schedule a boiler inspection annually. An annual inspection can also reveal any problems with your boiler, ensuring that you don’t end up with any surprise expenses.

If you’re a landlord, consider adding boiler cover to your landlord insurance policy. These policies usually come with home emergency coverage that will help you out if your boiler breaks down. This insurance plan will pay for the boiler repair in case it breaks down and causes damage to your property.