How to live a vegan lifestyle and not just diet

October 15, 2020 6:57 pm


For many people, veganism means more than simply what they eat. It’s a way of life. If you want to expand your knowledge of how to be a vegan in more than just your diet, here are useful tips:


There are a surprising number of animal derived products that make their way into cosmetics. Not just make-up but also shampoos and soaps. Animal testing is, sadly, not a thing of the past and continues. Always look for the leaping bunny symbol on cosmetic products to ensure they are not tested on animals. Also look for a ‘V’ which will tell you it’s suitable for vegans. Find out more about where to buy maca powder for vegan bodybuilding at a site like

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Before becoming a vegan, nobody gives much thought to the clothes they buy. They see something they like and buy it. However, living a vegan lifestyle requires a bit more thought. Materials to be avoided include leather – from cow hides. Suede is normally made from the underside of the skin of calves, lambs and even deer. Wool is not an option, cashmere comes from goats and angora from rabbits.

Household Accessories

Animal products can creep into a myriad of household items. Pearl necklaces or decoration come from oysters, if they are real. Crocodile, snake or alligator skin is often used for shoes and handbags. Duvets can also be filled with goose or duck feathers.

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Therefore, to lead a vegan lifestyle takes careful consideration if you want to cause as little harm as possible to living creatures.