Sustainable vs Ethical Fashion

May 10, 2021 3:55 pm


The choices we make in life all have an impact on the world. A closer focus on manufacturing over recent decades has shone a spotlight on fashion. Sustainability and ethical products are terms that are often interchanged and even though the two terms do overlap in their concerns, they are separate concepts. Let’s take a closer look:

When you look at sustainable fashion, it involves the impact the manufacturing has on the environment. This includes the supply chain and where the materials are grown, for example. Sustainable fashion encompasses the practice of recycling clothes, upcycling them and repurposing vintage items to save them from landfill. Sustainability also involves the likely length of use and durability of a garment. Sourcing sustainable clothing means turning away from fast fashion and choosing responsibly sourced materials, top craftsmanship and a long shelf life. For a range of Ralph Lauren Menswear, visit EJ Menswear

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Ethical fashion overlaps in that it also includes production methods and sourcing of materials but goes a step further and looks at the labour involved in manufacture. Consumers who wish to shop ethically must be concerned with what working conditions are like and how fair the wages are of those who make the clothing. Ethical concerns include ensuring that no child labour is used, adult workers are willing participants and paid a fair wage. It also focuses on whether the working conditions are safe and labour rights are upheld.

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