Areas of your vehicle to maintain

June 30, 2022 2:30 pm


Maintaining your vehicles to ensure that they are roadworthy is incredibly important, and it will also help to ensure that you are not causing more damage to your vehicle. There are a number of areas that you should check on a regular basis, and you should definitely check before your annual MOT.

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Lights – ensure that your lights are all in full working order and replace any bulbs that are broken or starting to dim. It is important that you also check the fuses, as in some cases, it can be a broken fuse causing the issue rather than the bulb itself. You can buy fuse and bulb kits suitable for all vehicles.

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Tow bars – if you have a tow bar on the back of your vehicle, you should check that it is still intact and safe. If you have a trailer, you should also check this and find any relevant Trailer Parts that you might need like the ones you can find from

Tyres – the tread on your tyres needs to be within the legal limit. When the tyre tread becomes worn down too much, it can result in the tyres finding it hard to grip the road. This can cause lots of problems to your vehicle and can cause accidents to occur.