The agreed rules of a Football game

July 1, 2020 3:00 pm


Much about the game of football has changed since its conception and official rule agreement in 1863. Before that rules were varied and interesting to say the least. The pitch size was also up for debate. One thing that was not the subject of discussion was that it needed to be cut well. This is where the lawnmower comes in. If you need a good football pitch quality cut make sure you have plenty of Mountfield Spares like those available through

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The main points of issue with the clubs was the controversial ruling that players should not be allowed to run with the ball in hand. To make matters worse the idea was to also remove the main way of stopping a man running with the ball. This was the hacking rule that allowed you to kick someone’s shins out from under them. Many clubs left on this point of honour and went off to help form Rugby Union instead.

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The Cambridge rules were some of the most comprehensive and were used heavily. The many changes came in 1862 and laid down the format we know today. This was the offside rule, that fouling and handling the ball was nota allowed and also the dimensions of the pitch.