The incredible versatility of the Tee Shirt

November 2, 2020 3:59 pm


There are some clothing items that are simply so ubiquitous that we don’t even really notice them. We see them so often that they get overlooked. Yes, we’re talking about the tee shirt. This simple, humble piece of cloth has become such a part of our daily culture, just like jeans and trainers. Probably everyone on the planet has at least one tee shirt in their wardrobe. So, why are they so popular?


The choice is literally endless. There isn’t any colour, pattern, graphic or design that can’t be put on a tee shirt. Plain or pastel, neon or black – there’s a shirt for every occasion. Want a funny slogan, a picture of your favourite band or a simple designer logo? There is something for everyone. For a range of Mens Superdry T shirts, visit a site like EJ Menswear

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Whether worn baggy or slim fit, the cotton blend of tee shirts make them a comfortable option come rain or shine. They are the perfect choice for breathability during hot summer weather and also serve as insulating under garments in the winter.

Low maintenance

Unless you adore ironing, tee shirts don’t need to be ironed and don’t require any special care unless they have a graphic printed on them. They wash well, can go in the tumble dryer and folded neatly away for anytime wear.

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Tee shirts don’t require anything special to pair up with, they are versatile enough to be worn with pretty much everything. Pair up with jeans, chinos, shorts, suit trousers, leggings, skirts, jackets, sweaters and coats – literally anything!