Things to Consider Before Choosing an Ultrasonic Cleaner

November 2, 2020 4:02 pm


Ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean almost all types of contaminants and their popularity is increasing with time. We should be conscious of choosing a good ultrasonic cleaner. Let’s discuss some of the things to consider before choosing an ultrasonic cleaner, briefly.

  • Size of parts
  • Quality and cost
  • Frequency
  • power
  • Baskets
  • generator

Size of parts to be cleaned

Always choose a cleaner keeping in mind the largest machine part you will clean with it. The larger parts of the machine have more contaminants. The cleaning of the large parts with appropriate size cleaner is more efficient. Find out more about a Large Ultrasonic Cleaner at a site like Hilsonic.

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Usage of Correct basket

The parts being cleaned should never stick or touch the ultrasonic transducers present inside the tank. The basket should collect only selected contaminants. Any machine part or even the baskets touching with the ultrasonic transducer will results in pack surface to corrode. During cleaning machine parts produces heats due to the friction. High temperatures are required to disintegrate the contaminants to better facilitate the cleaning process. The machine can be destroyed at this temperature. Heaters are sometimes needed to bring the basket and overall the cleaner temperature to the required starting level.

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Better frequency of machine is necessary because for two reasons

  • To reduce sharp cleaning
  • To reduce bubbles

This machine can work well in the frequency range of 28Hz to 120kHz. A high level of frequencies is recommended for the delicate cleansing of jewellery or soft metals.

Besides these three main factors, other important things to consider include generator adjustability, wave sweep, ultrasonic frequency, and power of the cleaner.