What sort of Reasons do People have for Having a Bodyguard?

July 28, 2020 3:51 pm


Although bodyguards are synonymous with the rich and famous and can often be seen prowling the red carpet or the White House, there are actually many people who need to have a bodyguard. A company such as this close protection London based company https://www.valorousgroup.co.uk/close-protection-london/ can provide a bodyguard for many reasons. Here are a few reasons why people need a bodyguard…

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Very wealthy people – People who are wealthy are also in danger of criminals who may want to steal from them. Whether they are going out for the evening wearing expensive watches and jewellery, or in the home, most wealthy people will have a bodyguard looking out for them.

People who have been abused or harassed – People who may have been in a relationship with someone abusive or have been the victim of harassment or stalking may feel much safer going about their daily lives if they have a bodyguard looking out for them.

People who may have powerful information – People who have information that criminals may want to obtain may have a bodyguard to protect them as they are a target for criminal gangs who may want to get their hands on information to be able to plan a large robbery for example.

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People who have witnessed a crime – People who have come forward as a witness to a crime, particularly if they are linked to large criminal gangs, can feel at risk of being hunted down if they have given evidence against a gang.