Medicine of the future

July 30, 2020 4:13 pm


Health and medicine are moving with incredible speed. The future includes technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, nanotechnology and robotics. Perhaps in the future, robotic surgery will become commonplace. Here are some of the amazing advances:


AI has the potential to completely transform health. Algorithms can be created to plow through patient records with much more speed than a human and treatment plans designed, and drugs created far faster than ever before. Picture a supercomputer able to diagnose based on a database of millions of molecular structures. So far, two new treatments have been identified by a machine that can help massively with the danger of Ebola virus.

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Drug development

Currently, drug development is a laborious process. Through the use of AI, this process can be accelerated significantly. A revolutionary idea at the moment is the use of in silico testing. It is a computer simulation that is used in drug development and regulatory checks for new drugs, devices or procedures. Imagine what could be achieved if we rush to test new drugs on millions of virtual patients instead of real ones. Until this technology could become a reality, many trials are actively recruiting volunteers for vital drug development work. Find out more about Paid Clinical Trials at a site like Trials 4 Us, a provider of Paid Clinical Trials.

3D Printing

We are likely to see more of this technology being used in the future of the health industry. Already, there are many ways 3D printing can be used in the treatment for complete printing skin tissue with blood vessels to create synthetic skin. Impressive technology has been used to great benefit in Sudan’s war-torn country where many victims of the war have suffered loss of limbs. The locals were trained to operate the equipment to provide low-cost prosthetics for individual patients.

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