What you need to go camping

September 16, 2021 12:54 pm


Camping is a fun and rewarding activity that lets you get back to nature and actually get out in the wild. You can be as rustic and basic, or as glamorous, as you like, it will still be a great experience. It’s easy to stray into being environmentally unfriendly when camping so here is a quick guide to what you need for the basics. Whatever you decide to use you’ll need to go to Basecamp, a Camping Store Dublin that can kit you out with all the gear that you’ll need.

  1. A tent. Let’s start with the obvious: you need a good tent. There are plenty of options and one of those is to get a quick pitch if you’re not too bothered. They pop up complete and just need the guy ropes hammered in. If you’re a purist then dome tents are nice and quick. Don’t forget to take it away with you.

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  1. Drinking mug. A decent sized tea cup can have soup in it and then later tea or coffee. You can go for plastic but it’s not as rugged and as long lasting.
  2. A stove and a kettle. There is still not a substitute to a gas stove unfortunately unless you make a fire out of fallen wood and bracken.

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  1. Clothing. The key to good camping is layering. An all weather jacket and a pair of walking trousers are fine but it’s the base layer that’s where you start. These retain your heat as you sit by your campfire.