Your Very own Outdoor Cocktail Den

June 22, 2020 6:02 pm


If being in lockdown has taught us anything, it is that alcohol is a very good way to get through hard times (in moderation of course!) – because the pubs and bars are closed, as a nation we have taken to drinking at home more and more which is certainly cheaper, if a little lacking in atmosphere. But if this has you wondering how you can combine the best of both worlds – well it is easy really – just build yourself a cocktail bar in your back garden! Not only is this a great way to escape from your house and visit a bar, but you won’t have the worry of who is driving home afterwards, as it is only a short stagger across the garden!

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The first thing to do is to have an outbuilding to protect you from the British weather – unfortunately open-air drinking isn’t always possible here! A garden room, summerhouse or a shed are all perfect for converting into your outdoor bar. Make it more bar like by adding touches such as lighting and marble tiles from to make your bar feel like a bar.

Bar stools or comfy sofas are both good, depending on what sort of a bar you favour, and if you are going for a sports bar, you might also want to add a television, as well as a dart board, depending on how much room you have of course.

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Remember to stock your bar with all your favourite drinks and have a go at making your own cocktails – here are some recipes to get you started.