How are aeroplanes made?

July 25, 2022 6:39 pm


When you see a massive aeroplane like the Boeing Dreamliner or the Airbus 380 cutting its graceful way through the air, do you ever wonder how it is made? It’s hard to believe that just over one hundred years ago, two bicycle driving inventors were sending their Wright Flyer, a wood and canvas biplane, in the air for 12 seconds at the height of 36 metres. It’s impossible to know what Wilbur and Orville Wright would have made of the behemoths of the air that we have nowadays; I think we’d be on safe ground to say they were impressed and astounded at the same time.

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Each part of a modern plane requires intense fabrication and manufacturing. A plane’s design is one of the most exceptional pieces of engineering needed. Any deviations or issues could result in an accident, and air accidents are generally fatal. This is why we rely on the work of Bending Machines, like those from, to get those bends and folds precise. They can be much more precise than the human hand and eye in these circumstances.

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An aeroplane is made up of several pieces. First is the fuselage that carries us to our destination. This is the fuselage. Next is the wings; it’s fair to say that without these, we aren’t going anywhere. Then we have the empennage and the undercarriage so that when we come to land, there are some nice wheels out for a soft landing. Finally, to get the thing up in the air and moving along when it is, we need an engine, or a series of engines, to power it.

Inside of these main parts are hundreds of intricate components and other factors, all designed with one thing in common, get the plane up and keep it there until you want it to come down. The most common feature in all of this is that all aircraft need these elements to work regardless of size and shape.

Aeroplanes are generally not made in one big factory; the size would be horrendous. Instead, lots of different companies make individual components and parts. These are brought together to a test airport where they are rolled onto the runaway test centre to make sure the plane is ready to fly and carry us on holiday, business or, if a private plane, out for an excellent recreational flight.