Store any rarely used household items in your garage and give yourself more room in the home.

July 26, 2022 4:08 pm


Since you and your family moved into your home over twenty-five years ago the precious nick-nacks and memorabilia that you have lovingly collected along the way seem to have grown into hordes of clutter that appears to cover every nook and cranny of the house.  To help reduce the problem you could pack your extensive collection of teapots and unused China plates carefully in bubble wrap, place them in sturdy cardboard boxes and store them in your secure garage protected by strong Garage Doors Gloucester, fitted by a company such as  The Christmas decorations that have been stashed underneath your bed since the end of December could easily be sorted out and boxed up ready to unpack again next November.  The six-foot tree, hordes of tinsel, boxes of fairy lights and multitude of hanging ornaments could fit into the proper storage bags you bought for them last year and be placed on a shelf above the gardening equipment.

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The children’s multitude of toy cars and trains alongside the selection of dolls and their clothes, (that the youngsters have now grown out of playing with) could easily be boxed up in the garage, ready to take to a car boot sale or donated to the local Charity shop. All your photo albums that were extremely popular when you were first married and your children were small babies, are now outdated and rarely looked through anymore.  Old photographs that you don’t want to get rid of because of all the happy memories surrounding them could be packed away alongside the photo albums. They could be wrapped in tissue paper, stored in an airtight, plastic box and placed tidily on a spare shelf in the garage.

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You would like to get rid of the old-fashioned bookcase in your living room but there are at least seventy well-read, much-loved paper and hardback books sitting on its shelves.  By reducing the volumes of reading materials and packing them away in strong boxes you could finally get rid of that outdated piece of furniture. If you keep the garage tidy, install some shelves or storage units, packing things up and keeping them safely under lock and key out in your garage works well.  The extra space now cleared will help make your cluttered home tidy and it will appear more spacious again.