Deepest, Darkest… and Most Enthralling Africa: Uganda Uncovered

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Kisoro Uganda Beautiful Sunset Over Mountains And Hills Of Pastu

If you are serious about discovering the beauty of Africa, it is time to take a look at Uganda. The destination is firmly back on the map as a traveller’s hotspot and is well worth visiting now while it is still relatively undiscovered and free from mainstream tourism.

A beautiful country

Uganda is still incredibly unspoilt and boasts beautiful countryside, sweeping vistas and incredible savannahs where wild animals roam. Many visitors are keen to experience the country’s finest wildlife as part of ecological tours and there are some fantastic Uganda gorilla trekking tours available, delivered by knowledgeable guides and with paces to suit all fitness levels. You will enjoy delicious food and refreshments in unspoilt locations and get the chance to experience dawn or dusk listening to the incredible cacophony of nature around you.

Plenty to do

In addition to safari-style tours and gorilla treks, visitors will find plenty of boat tours in this country where the Nile begins, safari trips through unspoilt countryside, canoeing, white water rafting and hiking along routes such as the Uganda Martyr’s Trail.

Visit the Mariba Forest and see the Acacia Seyal. Float down the Victoria Nile and witness the splendour of the Nyero Rocks. You will find waterfalls, rainforests, historical and cultural attractions, wildlife parks and incredible rivers and lakes. There are so many wild animals to see in their natural habitat, including elephants, spotted hyenas, golden monkeys, leopards and lions.

An urban contrast

Kampala City, on the edge of Lake Victoria, provides a fascinating contrast to the sweeping vistas of Uganda’s countryside. It is known for being the happiest city in East Africa and boasts a rich and diverse cultural heritage with many interesting museums, attractions, monuments, places of worship, green spaces and fantastic restaurants and shops. The inhabitants are notably happy and welcoming and the city is still small enough to easily traverse around.

Accommodation-wise, you have the choice of hotels in the urban areas, lodges and even luxury campsites across the country, with highly-recommended traveller spots in superb locations providing fantastic meals and comfort for their guests. Don’t wait too long – book a holiday to Uganda and see it before everyone else!