Honouring the Heirloom: Adjusting a Treasured Engagement Ring

April 2, 2020 3:23 pm


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Having a ring that doesn’t quite fit shouldn’t ruin an otherwise well thought out, romantic proposal, although it can be frustrating. Caught up in the moment, you want to be able to show off your ring to everyone you meet, but you won’t be able to if it has to be resized.

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Resizing Rings

Having a ring resized is not unusual because getting a ring that fits perfectly without having the finger ‘to hand’ is not always easy. If you are looking to resize a ring, consult a professional jeweller who will advise on whether or not the resize is possible and give you an indication of cost.

The Perfect Fit

A perfect fitting ring should be snug on the finger, easy to push on, and just slightly harder to take off again – you don’t want it slipping off when you’re not aware!

Decreasing a ring is relatively easy, as a small piece of the ring is removed by the jeweller before it is soldered back together. Enlarging it is more difficult. It will either be ‘stretched,’ which works if the increase required is only small, or it is reworked, which involves adding in another piece of metal and soldering to the original ring.

There are some rings that can’t be resized. Eternity-style rings with a continuous set of gemstones or rings made of hard metals like titanium might not be resizable.

For more advice on resizing rings, look at industry experts Wedding Rings Direct or more bespoke jewellers such as the Gold & Platinum Studio.

Wedding Planning

Once the engagement is official, thoughts move to the wedding. A great way to kick things off is with a photo shoot. Choose an established studio like with plenty of experience. LThe photographer will take the time to get to know you and your partner before your big day, to ensure the photos reflect your personalities.

It’s worth making sure your engagement ring is right, because you’ll want it in the photos and be wearing it for many years. If it doesn’t fit, resize it. If you don’t like the stone, it should be possible to remodel it to something more in keeping with your own tastes and keep everyone happy.