Let me allow you to be organised

May 11, 2020 5:33 pm


Racking and shelving are fine when you have lots of large items to store but what if you have lots of really small things that you need to organise, like say screws, bolts or maybe arts and craft’s pieces for jewellery making. What can you do to organise your shelves for such smaller items? The answer comes in the shape of a set  Lin Bins. These are sturdy little bins that can be used to organise your smaller items into a decent sense of order.

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It is a hard enough job making sure that the larger items you have are in the right place but with these handy bits of plastic, kind of like mini skips in a way you can be sure that when you need to find that specific bolt, screw or button you will be able to put you hands on it straight away.

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Just think of all the time you can save with this handy device? You can even get racks that support them that are mobile. This means you can whizz around the room or workshop to wherever you need to go. What a neat accompaniment.