The many types of trees in Britain

May 11, 2020 9:45 pm


For the most part we are all aware that trees act as the lungs of the planet. Trees of all ages but especially new and growing ones take the Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into Oxygen that we then breathe. Put simply without trees working we would be in serious issues in the air quality that we breathe. This is why we need to have people like a Bournemouth Tree Surgeon to make sure that our trees are in tip top shape.

We are extremely lucky to have a huge variety of trees in Britain. Most of us will know the mighty Oak, it’s been the basis of our homes and ship building for centuries but their are many others. Here are some of the most common.

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  1. The Lime. A tall broad tree that was a popular planter in new housing estates (hence why you find so many streets such as The Limes and Limes Avenue).
  2. The Spanish Plane. As the country became more urbanised in the industrial revolution the need for a tree that could survive the changing conditions became a requirement. This noble tree was imported from Spain as it had shown good potential. It’s a stable planting of towns and cities.

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  1. Beech. The Beech tree is a riot of Green over the summer providing much needed shade in the summertime. It then turns red and orange for the autumn providing a rea colour show.