Park Home Maintenance Advice

August 28, 2020 5:22 pm


Maintained properly and kept in good repair, park homes can be picturesque and charming.

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Every home needs specialist maintenance from time to time, and park homes are no different. Well, a little bit different. Park homes have their own maintenance needs from roofing and insulation to chassis refurbishment, and there are companies that specialise in taking care of park homes.

When it comes to attractive park homes Wiltshire and similar areas stand out, with sites in and near conservation areas making for an idyllic park home life.

Chassis Maintenance

Chassis maintenance is a requirement unique to park homes, and it’s vitally important. The chassis underpins every other part of the home, and if something goes wrong it can lead to serious problems. Squeaky or uneven floors are an early sign of a problem with the chassis, and without taking action that can progress to damp, subsidence and even damage to the roof.

Fortunately, specialist companies provide inspection and repair services that cover everything from strengthening the chassis to adding or replacing support jacks that help keep it level. The work should be guaranteed for a decade or more, so this is an investment in long term peace of mind.

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Good insulation is the key to a cosy home, and it’s especially important in park homes, which can sometimes be chilly. Insulation isn’t just about comfort, though: it helps reduce heating bills substantially. Underfloor, cavity, and roof insulation all help keep heat in and energy bills down.

Celotex insulation board works well on park homes. It’s an advanced material with aluminium layers that reflect heat back into the home, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer. The treated aluminium also guards against corrosion and damp, which is a fact of Park Home Life in the wet British climate.

Roof and Exterior Refurbishment

Refurbishment keeps a park home looking brand new and at its most appealing. Whether it’s applied to the roof or the rest of the exterior, the process involves inspection, cleaning and replacing any damaged materials such as roof tiles or timber with new weather-proofed versions.

As well as leaving a park home in better condition and making it the most pleasant possible place to live, refurbishment is a chance to customise and perfect the home’s appearance, making it completely your own.