Tips on keeping your car secure

September 7, 2020 3:50 pm


Where on earth would we be without the automobile? Our cars allow us to do so much that without them it would seem that life becomes totally impossible. Everything would take an absolute age to do and get anywhere. This also means that the theft of your car is more keenly felt than many other possessions that you own. It can also be timely and costly business getting another one whilst it is replaced. What can you do to make sure this valuable asset to the family is not a target for criminals.

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  1. Keep it in the garage or off the road. Most thefts occur on an opportunistic basis. The others are planned out and if a thief realises that they cannot steal something quickly and with a minimum of fuss they don’t try it. Moving the car away from the road is a good way of reducing this.

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  1. Make sure you have a Ghost Car Alarm installed. Modern cars generally use electronic keys which reduce the need for a lock. Whilst this can make things harder for some criminals others will use key clones to gain access. Ghost Car Alarms run on a PIN number and can totally lockdown the car.
  2. Keep it clean and tidy. It will be more conspicuously on the roads if it is stolen. Better still choose one that is an unusual colour. For example yellow is one of the least stolen examples of car colour.