Taking a look at Adaptive Phase 1 Clinical Studies

May 26, 2020 4:23 pm


Adaptive Phase 1 Clinical Studies are undertaken early on in the development of a treatment or drug. They are carried on, usually on healthy individuals who have agreed to take part in the study, although there are occasions where an individual suffering from a particular illness or disease will opt to help a study looking at treatments and drugs that could help their condition. Companies such as https://www.richmondpharmacology.com/specialist-services/adaptive-phase-i-studies provide specialist services in theis field.

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The studies require the participants to be split into two groups, one that is given a drug or treatment and the other that is given a placebo. The participants are not told what they are given. Any side effects or issues are reportedly immediately back to those conducting the study and participants are watched carefully by doctors and clinicians during the process.

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The overall aim of the study is to test how effective the drug or treatment is at treating the illness or disease and to identify the safety of it. This will include reporting on any positive effects that the drug has on the condition as well as any side effects that occur. All new drugs and treatments have to pass through this kind of testing before they can be used in general practice.