What do we use natural rubber for

May 26, 2020 4:21 pm


Rubber is produced both in a natural form and in a synthetic form. The type of rubber used will depend on what you need the product for. If you are looking for Rubber Moulding for example you may favour synthetic rubber due to the ease of mass production. Here are some ways in which we use rubber.

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Tyres – Car tyres are made up of 50% natural and aircraft tyres are made of 100% natural rubber.

Seals – again mostly used in the car manufacturing business. These could be seals for windscreens as well as pads for brakes.

Flooring – gym flooring and playground flooring is often made of rubber as it is safe for children to play on and provides a level of safety for those using the buildings.

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Clothing – used mostly in clothing such as wetsuits rubber  is used as it helps to provide form fitting clothing as it produces a material with a tight elastic quality.

Rubber gloves – used in a variety of industries and in domestic settings this is probably the use of rubber that we are most used to using on a daily basis.

Erasers – the common eraser helps to remove pencil marks that are made on pages and contains rubber as a material.