Where to go in the Winter Months in the UK

November 3, 2020 2:50 pm


Many people enjoy spending summer in the UK – visits to the seaside to enjoy ice creams and donkey rides, trips to see some of the Royal History of the country, staying in places like the Royal Adelaide Hotel Windsor close to the residence of the Queen, and seeing the historic cities like Bath and York.

But in the winter months as the tourist crowds die down it can be the best opportunity to see parts of the UK. Without the throngs of people, visiting places during the cooler months can be a more pleasant experience – here are some of the best places to enjoy visiting in the winter…

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The Peak District – This expanse of natural beauty is a perfect place to come and get away from it all. Explore the rolling hills on a lovely winter walk, have a look around some of the historic buildings that the area has plenty of and have a stroll through the little Derbyshire villages, especially during the festive season when they are all lit up with twinkling lights.

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Dartmoor – With a vast amount of local folklore stories and ancient legends, Dartmoor is a fantastic place for a winter stroll that will make you feel as though you are in an enchanted world. Walk through the frosty moors, through beautiful woodlands and meet some of the local Dartmoor ponies before stopping off for a pint in a traditional pub before heading home.