Are you thinking of buying a park home?

April 16, 2022 12:29 pm


If you are considering buying a park home to spend your golden years, then there are a few things to be aware of. Buying a park home is a little different to buying a traditional bricks and mortar property but it can be a straightforward process and if you seek specialist advice, a great move.

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Modern park homes offer all the benefits of living in a bricks and mortar home. They are comfortable, well insulated, come with all mod cons and are easier to maintain due to being single storey and smaller in square footage. If you have a property to sell before moving, downsizing can mean residual income can be invested into a pension or a holiday which is an attractive prospect for many approaching retirement or already retired. Find out how you can buy Gloucestershire Park Homes, by contacting a site like

There will be monthly fees payable to the park site owners as you buy the home but only lease the ground that the home sits on. However, these fees are invested back into the park maintenance. A park home owner will still need to pay council tax, but it is a low band and energy bills will still be payable but due to the smaller size of the home, will be reduced significantly.

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Traditional home insurance policies won’t apply to this type of property so a further consideration is finding a specialist insurance provider who offers policies for park homes. These are easily available when you seek specialist advice before purchasing a park home.