Demolishing to Rebuild – What you Need to Know

September 15, 2020 1:31 pm


If you have been searching in vain for a plot of land to build your new home on, you may have noticed that land in the UK is in short supply and high demand so can get snapped up quickly! This may have led to you explore other routes into obtaining a plot of land including demolishing a property to rebuild on the land.

Many people choose this option as although it might seem a strange way of doing things at first glance, it can be a much better way of obtaining a plot of land that is right for you and also can often work out cheaper as well.

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It is important to ensure that you can get planning permission for your new structure, as you don’t want to purchase it just to find out that you can’t! If this is something that you are new to, it is important that you seek advice from experienced people with an expertise in this area, it will save you a lot of stress!


It is also important when it comes to the demolition of the property, that you ensure you hire a company who specialise in this kind of work such as demolition Bristol David Horton. Demolition is a dangerous job and it is essential that you don’t attempt it yourself unless you are qualified to do so.

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Although building your own home can be a lengthy and often stressful time, the rewards at the end are really worth all of the stress!