Is it Time to Move your Elderly Parent in with You?

November 28, 2020 3:06 am


One of the things in life that most people go through as adults is the point where we start to worry about our parent’s wellbeing as they go into old age. It can be a difficult time realising that a parent is not coping as well living independently, and this means that often a lot of difficult decisions need to be made in order to ensure that the parent receives the right care that they need and are safe from harm.


There is a time when many people feel the need to have a conversation with heir parent about this, and something that a lot of people choose to do is to move their parent in with them. This is something that should be handled carefully if it is to go well, and a couple of things should be considered beforehand…

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If your parent has trouble with some things or is not as mobile as they once were, then you may need to look into equipping your home to make it easier for them to get around – handrails, ramps and WAV vehicles like these are all things that should be considered.

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Speak with your parent and your family about the move and allow everyone to voice any concerns that they have and see how you can go about resolving them. It is important that everyone is onboard with this decision.