The Fishermen Who Wore Aran Sweaters

May 11, 2021 7:02 am


Aran Sweaters are a very popular type of sweater that has been worn by many people for many years. Many of these sweaters are made in the United Kingdom but there are also some made in other places around the world. The origin of Aran sweaters is probably not so close to the one you think as it actually comes from Ireland. It is said that Aran Sweaters were first made in Ireland where they are still sold by companies like Shamrock Gift.

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There are many designs for Aran sweaters such as the Aran jumper which is a very common design of sweater and is usually made in the United Kingdom. An Aran jumper is usually white in colour, with cable stitches on the upper body and short sleeves. The Aran sweater was named after the Island of Aran where they made their first appearance at the end of the Nineteenth century.

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The Aran jumpers are usually made in cotton and most of these jumpers are knitted with the most current technology. An Aran fisherman is the person who originally wore them but over time, people have started using jeans and other clothing which do not have the stitches that are found on an aran sweater. A fisherman would use these clothes when they fished the aran islands which are located near the shore of Ireland. A fisherman can fish anytime of the day and these sweaters make a perfect outfit because they can easily be washed in the machine while still being durable.