Types of Shelving Systems For Workshop

April 9, 2021 5:07 am


Shelving is used for storage: for loosely packed items stacked in stacks or in small boxes, or even loosely stacked by an individual hand-rolling on shelves. Pallet rack shelving is mainly for palletized storage: items stored on individual pallets which are then hand-loaded and unloaded by a forklift. The higher levels of selective pallet shelves are also used for hand stacked storage as well. They are available in different sizes and configurations as per the requirement. The cost of this type of shelving depends on the capacity (length, height and weight) and weight of the items to be stored.

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For light to moderate use, individual drawers, shelves or single bins can be fitted with an optional overhead rack, which can support light stock. However if you need to store very heavy items, one needs to opt for the heavy duty open shelving or pallet shelving. For heavy use, either open shelving or bin shelving can be fitted with rollers and roll-out shelves. You can find a variety of options that would work well in a workshop from Rackzone.

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Metal shelving is the most convenient among all the types of storage shelves. Especially if you have a workshop in your house, a metal industrial shelving system will prove to be a very useful storage system. It comes in many varieties and designs. In addition to storing all your workshop tools and equipment, a metal shelving system also keeps your important reading material and stationery items like books, papers and magazines. It is designed so that they can be easily accessed without any difficulty and are very easy to clean as well, if you have filthy hands.