Commons renovation problems for homeowners

May 7, 2020 6:20 pm


A common problem homeowners face is going over timetable or budget or both on the renovation project. When building or refurbishing a property, it can be too easy to miss the schedule or end up spending far too much money. So, why does it happen?

Planning permission – Usually when looking to expand and renovate your home, you’ll need it. Seeking this permission varies depends on where you live, and the extent of construction work you want to do. Planning permission may make you wait for approval to commence work or reapply in the case of restrictions causing delays to the scheduled project plans.

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Not hiring the right professionals for the job – There are many professionals required for the job when it comes to property renovation and expansion projects, from architects, builders, plasterers and plumbers, electricians and interior designers. Making sure you hire the right person for the job can be an extensive process and the risk of employing ‘cowboy’ traders can be a daunting prospect. Rely on a reputable House Extensions Solihull company at a site like ifurb, leaders in the field of House Extensions Solihull.

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Underestimating the cost – Having a budget is essential to any renovation project and it is important to be realistic and honest with yourself than to be idealistic when setting a budget for property renovation. It is also a good practice to leave about 20% as a contingency fund to cover costs arising by surprise.

Using the wrong material – using incorrect building materials can cause a variety of problems which can then have an impact on other aspects of the renovation project as well.