Different types of ceiling finishes

May 11, 2020 5:28 pm


Want something decorative on your ceiling, but do not have the skills? Do not worry, because there are many decorative tools and applications that can easily be used to give your fifth wall a makeover. Although most homes have a flat ceiling with generic construction materials, there are buildings that deviate from the norm for aesthetic or structural function. So, how do you decorate them?

Different ceilings

Just as walls are decorated, ceilings should be decorated or “finished” to a certain extent. The ceiling of the building is directly proportional to the floor, therefore special consideration should be associated with completing the ceiling.

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Types of light fittings and ceiling roses chosen may depend on the type of ceiling. A Ceiling Rose offers a smart, clean line to cover the cables and add decoration to lighting. You may want to choose contemporary roses in a plain style if you choose to decorate the ceiling. Click here for more information on the right Ceiling Rose to choose.

Plaster – finishing plaster may be the oldest known in modern construction. Even large cathedrals have plaster applied to finish off their interiors. Plastering has adapted and evolved over the centuries. Now there are a variety of techniques to give you more attractive plaster.

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Drywall – this is the term applied to a construction method using gypsum board. This is a panel made from gypsum plaster pressed between sheets of thick paper and then dried. Construction methods and materials make it easier and quicker to install than plaster.

Skim coating – A professional plasterer can skim coat to cover the drywall and add a bit of texture to the finishing.