Facts about selling a home that you need to be aware of

May 13, 2020 2:34 pm


When you come to sell a home you will come across many tips, some of them helpful and some of them not. Your chosen Estate Agents Cheltenham way such as http://www.meandyouestateagents.co.uk/ will be able to give you some advice on ways in which you can make the process of selling a lot smoother. Here we look at some of the tips that you may hear.

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  • Coffee and bread can help a valuation – surprisingly any smells that make a property seem more homely can help viewers to picture themselves in the property which in turn may make a sale more likely. Equally bad smells can put off a potential buyer.

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  • Is tidy best – of course a house that is tidy and not cluttered is going to be more appealing to those interested in the property but it does not need to be showhome tidy. As long as the people viewing can picture their furniture in your home it will be fine.
  • It only takes a minute – surprisingly most people will have made their mind up as to whether a property is for them or not within the first few minutes of looking around inside and they use the rest of the time to cement their view.