Looking after your flooring

May 13, 2020 4:43 pm


In day-to-day life, wooden floors can go through a lot of abuse. If your flooring has seen better days and you want to get it replaced it is worth contacting a Swansea Skip Hire company such as  http://pendragonskiphire.co.uk/ so you can throw your old flooring away. If your flooring just needs a bit of TLC then here’s a guide on how to restore your beloved floors and have them looking like new again.

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Who is this for

This is for your everyday person to try at home without too much effort or hard work but don’t be afraid to get stuck in as the rewards will be huge.

These tips are also great for businesses that have this type of flooring as with some stores having a high footfall it can really affect on wear and tear.

Prepare your surface

Clear everything off the floor in preparation for a good cleaning. Make sure the room is completely empty, then sort out any exposed nail heads or places where the floor is damaged. Unlike other surfaces like black laminate flooring, wooden floors collect damage in small fissures.


Use a good-quality wood stain to sort out any odd patches, then give it a deep clean with a hardwood floor cleaner. Don’t use warm water or any harsh chemicals; only specialist items just for hardwood will do. Allow this to dry completely before moving onto the last step.

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The final touches

Now it’s almost ready to go. Once it’s dry, lightly brush with sandpaper or use a floor polisher to make it smooth and even the surface. After this, vacuum up the remaining dust particles without sweeping the floor, and you’re done if you want the floors in your other rooms to be just as stunning as your newly polished wood. If you want to add something truly new, try the options seen at https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/painted-wood-floors-stunning-cost-effective and consider painting them.

Now, you can apply your chosen finish, and your floor will be as good as new. Look after your floors, and they will stand strong for generations to come.