What are the most common issues in plumbing?

May 12, 2020 3:07 pm


When you say the word plumbing to someone they might well break out into a cold sweat because it, like the Gas boiler or electrics it is not something that you really want to go all DIY on. If you experience some of the issues below the best idea is to contact a Gloucester Plumber like http://www.hprservicesltd.com/emergency-plumber-gloucester/ who can come and sort it all out for you. All homes do get some slight plumbing issues as they age but fear not most are rectifiable.

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  1. Overflowing, backing up toilets. Starting with the worst one first this is when you flush the loo and realise with horror that rather than go away the contents are suddenly rushing towards you.  The reason is usually clogged (best not to ask what with) down the pipe requiring a rodding.
  2. Leaky tap. If you allowed it to, the tap would quite happily spew water out constantly but the tap acts as a valve and controls it. When the tap leaks or drips it means that a washer ro seal has become worn or stiff and it’s letting a very small amount of that torrent to come through. Easily replaceable.

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  1. Toilet keeps on filling up and running. This where the toilet wnat stop and just keeps a flow of water from the cistern on into the bowl. In most cases the stopcock inside is set wrong and it won’t rise up into the stop position. Again this is all easy to replace and fix.

Hopefully this should have allayed some of your fears.