Interesting facts about drains

April 30, 2020 3:19 pm


Experts know their drains! They spend a lot of time clearing out blockages and sorting them out. They are familiar with underground drains, toilet pipes, bathtub drains, showers, sinks and floor drains … to name just a few.

Most of us do not think about drains and what they do to us … until they stop working and start causing problems!  Without the discovery of water channels, we would be living in a world that stinks!

2500 BC: The Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians were the first known people to create a drainage system. Water was an incredibly important part of their purification rituals. Clean, healthy water was a must and the drainage system came in very handy!

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1700 BC: The Minoans

On the island of Crete, the Minoan Palace was a technologically advanced place to be. The court itself had four sewage drainage systems that emptied into a giant made of stone. They also created irrigation and wells in which to bring fresh water to the population. For help with your Blocked Drains Bromley, visit a site like 3 Flow Drainage, suppliers of Blocked Drains Bromley services.

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800 BC: The Romans

Th Romans created a sewer system in Rome called the Cloaca Maxima. Bathing was something that the Romans became accustomed to. Without clean and safe water, Roman Baths would have been a breeding ground for bacteria and disease.

1775: English

Alexander Cumming patented the two-piece design of the flushing toilet that we still use today.