What are you allowed to do with your rental property?

April 30, 2020 5:48 pm


You may have quite a bit of experience in the rental game by now or maybe this is your first time. Whatever the situation you are probably going to wonder what is that you can actually do when you are in the place. The rules simply state that under general circumstances you can be left to “the quiet enjoyment of the property”. That doesn’t mean that you can only enjoy it in a quiet way. What it actually means is that the landlord or the agents cant keep coming around to make sure that you haven’t knocked an adjoining wall through or something drastic.

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One thing to be aware of is that there will have been an inventory done of the place, possibly using a  Property inventory software app, so that you and the landlord know what the place was like when you took the rent on.

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Therefore it is imperative that you and the landlord or agents set down what you can and cannot do with it. You have to live there, and you are paying for it to be your home, so the odd party or having friends over is more than likely going to be fine. The key thing is to remember to respect the place. It’s the most expensive thing that is coming out of your wages and you should be aware of that.