When a Conqueror came to Gloucester

May 2, 2020 3:08 pm


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Following on from the great fort that was built in Gloucester during the Roman times, the Middle Ages was a hive of activity for the region.

In 1085 William the Conqueror came to the city and it was whilst residing in the area that he ordered the Doomsday Book to be written. It was thought that around 3,500 people lived in Gloucester at the time which made it a large town compared to other areas and it was thought to be the 10th most wealthy town in England at the time.

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By the 11th Century a wooden castle was built by the Normans in the town, before it was rebuilt in the 12th Century in stone. During this century it became a strategically important location as there were often conflicts between the English and the nearby Welsh. The garrison that was established in the Gloucester castle gave soldiers a place to rest and replenish before they carried on their journey, whilst also providing a defence against attacking groups.